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I’m glad I’m not the only person who thought this might be a little bit fishy. I tried to find out info on the company but other than their webpage, it is like they don’t exist. Because they underwrite their own policies, there are no AM Best or Standard & Poor's ratings to understand how financially sound the company actually is. I too was also perplexed they do not name the London based re-insurer. For all we know it could be Joe’s Fish ‘n Chip Shoppe.


I still run into the occasional FaceBook post or cruiser who is highly recommending Edward Williams Marine Insurance because they have a cheap policy with no limits and low deductibles. One quick Google search is all it takes to reveal they are a know scam and for some reason still in existence. But, they have a great webpage.


I hope for Bill Reynolds’s case Netherland is sound. I wonder Bill if you can share more info about them. It would be great to find a place who can help the dilemma many are facing trying to get a policy. Sorry to be so skeptical, Bill.



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I wonder why they want to hold on to their original connection with Holland after they "became wholly independent?"


Simple – see attached.


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From their website: "Netherlands Insurance Co. (W.I.) Limited is a general insurance company registered to conduct insurance business in Grenada and Antigua. Originally established in August 1992
 as a subsidiary of a Dutch insurance company, the company has since become wholly independent."


I wonder why they want to hold on to their original connection with Holland after they "became wholly independent?"



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Bill can you please share their contact information 


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We reinsured  last year with Netherlands Insurance, based in Grenada with offices in Holland. NO underwriters. They are the carriers, insurers and underwriters.

They have insured large international commercial vessels for many years and have only recently offered policies to recreational vessels. They have no history with hurricane losses.We visited their offices on Well St. in Grenada and we were impressed with the professionalism of the company.  The rates  are a bit higher but  the coverage is excellent with 2  million liability, 10% of insured value for personal effects and no exclusion for lightning strikes. The deductible is fixed at 2% and 4% (yes that's 4%) for named storms. Navigational limits are worldwide!  

It's well worth looking into.

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