Re: Raspberry Pi

John Facci

Hi Mark,


I got inspired by the SeaBits write-up a couple of weeks ago and my NMEA 2000 interface board turned up a few days ago. I haven’t purchased the Raspberry Pi 4 yet as I thought the NMEA board would take ages from the UK.


We already use a Raspberry Pi Zero and Pimoroni Automation HAT (to make dealing with 24v easy) to monitor: Onan and Yanmar exhaust temp. Engine room temp, water tank (over fill) level, anchor wash runtime (In the future I may convert anchor wash to fresh water and I’m always forgetting to turn it off). Bilge runtime and frequency. When an alarm threshold is reached a buzzer is enabled.

All the data collected is stored in a MySQL database. A separate php script allows me to view reports and graphs via a web browser.

The Pi Zero also runs Pi-Hole (internet ad filter) and a simple web based ToDo list.


John and Jane



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