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Mohammad Shirloo

HI Scott;


Thanks for the info. I have ordered 4 of them which gets you free shipping for orders over $100.


The link you sent for the Volvo part lists the part (item #19) as 175 Euros. Still a big difference. Where is the 1300 Euro price tag you are referring to?


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Good point Dominique. 

I looked at the Volvo Penta parts diagrams for the part numbers and found the following:

For D3-110i-A, the part number is 

The price is 1300 euro. Yes, one thousand three hundred euros.

Here's the exact same Bosch part, without the "Penta" packaging and it costs $56 USD.

For D3-110i-B and D3-110i-C, the part number is
The price is also 1300 euro. 

Exact same Bosch part, missing the Penta on the box. It costs $25 :)

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