Re: Mastervolt Alpha High-Output Alternator Temperature when charging LiFePO4

Scott SV Tengah


I've been running the MV 110 alternator with my 450AH Victron lifepo4 battery setup for over two years now, nearly full time live aboard. I've had it run at full output from 30% SOC, so that's around 4 hours at full "realistic" output.

I talked to a MV tech and they swore up and down that I didn't need to because their alternator can handle lithium just fine, but I still installed the included battery temp monitor onto the alternator and used the MV software to configure it to taper output if temp gets above a certain point. Can't recall that point and I'm not at the boat right now.

Note I switched out to the MV AP2 as the AP3 wasn't available in my area when I was installing.

Over the last 2+ years, the MV110 has not once suffered power taper due to overheating. It has, of course, tapered due to cell imbalance, which is why I keep harping that people need to understand how their system reacts when the inevitable high SOC, high charge rate induced cell imbalance occurs. On my system, as you know, the BMS just tells the chargers to stop charging, without any disconnect. 

Hope this gives you some comfort.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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