Re: Mastervolt Alpha High-Output Alternator Temperature when charging LiFePO4

Dean Gillies

On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 11:15 PM, Arno Luijten wrote:
you could just stick a Amazon remote thermometer on the alternator
Hi Arno,
That's a great idea!  Even better, the Multiplus device in the test system I have built here at home was supplied with a temperature sensor which is not needed for the Lithium cells, but can be connected to the Cerbo GX. I have now done that, and it works perfectly, providing a dashboard readout as well as a permanent log of temperature through VRM. 

I just need to bolt the sensor to the alternator B- terminal and hook it up to the Cerbo GX. The permanent logging will show me the temperature profile as the alternator runs in practice.  

Thanks Arno, a very simple solution!

Dean SV Stella

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