Re: A54 watermaker/Fresh water pump issue

Porter McRoberts

I think you’re right about the solenoid. Ours also stuck open several years ago. It has to be physically taken apart, cleaned with Emory cloth and then reassembled. That was 3 years ago for us. Been working fine since. But yes. Turn off the fresh h20 pump and do the job then re assemble. Should be fine I think. 

Some of the watermaker Jedi may have additional thoughts for you. 

Best of luck. 

Porter McRoberts 
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On Apr 29, 2021, at 4:16 PM, Chris Likins <likinsca@...> wrote:

Hi All,

I just started having a new issue with my fresh water pump. Ill start by saying I have Amel54 #133 with 180l/h dessalator wm. I recently ran our water maker as normal. After shutdown it began to auto rinse with freshwater however, after 2 minutes I noticed that the lights on the dessalator panel had gone out but the freshwater pump was still running continuously. When the freshwater pump is manually shut off at the breaker the pressure immediately drops off just as if a tap were open. 

At first I thought it might be a leak somewhere but I found none. I now believe it has something to do with the rinsing of the water maker. As soon as I turn the watermaker on and the low pressure pump comes on, the freshwater pump immediately shuts off and behaves normally. 

For a manual rinse, we have a valve handle on the back side of the low pressure pump to open and allow fresh water through the system. When I open this valve, I can see the freshwater discharge overboard however, with this valve closed and the pump stuck on continuously there is NO discharge overboard which has me a bit confused.

My thoughts are that the auto rinse system is stuck ON via the solenoid at the pre-filters but if that were the case, I would think I would be seeing the freshwater discharging overboard. Is there a way to manually close that solenoid to test? 


Any other thoughts on where I should be checking?


Thanks in advance!


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