Re: Hint for automatically saving your tag line information on these forums #Wiki

Brent Cameron

Sorry folks (and sorry to be so stereotypically Canadian to start off a post with sorry!).  It didn't occur to me that the smartphone web interface would be so drastically different to provide two sets of instructions.  I did find the exact same edit page eventually but it isn't completely obvious.  

To edit on a smartphone (I tested with an iPhone but I would assume that it would look similar on any phone based browser), you can:

  1. Click on the View/Reply web link below to get to the web interface.
  2. Log in using your credentials if necessary (this might also necessitate you navigating back to the AYOG afterwards)
  3. Click on the cog symbol at the top right corner and then select "Account" from the drop down
  4. At the very bottom you should see 5 icons, click on the middle one that looks like a business card
  5. From there it is the same as the PC/Mac interface, you should be able to edit your profile for each of the groups that you follow

Also, if you ever get caught by something like this again on your smartphone, most smartphones (well it works on iPhones and Blackberry's... can't say it works on Androids for sure as I don't go near them but I do know that it works on both Chrome and Safari) have an option to "Request Desktop Website".  Safari buries it into the interface a bit so it isn't obvious but if you click on the aA symbol located in the top left corner of the URL bar (just scroll down a bit to bring it into view), a drop down will appear and you can select "Request Desktop Website" to see it's website just as a PC/Mac would see it.   This also works for banking sites, etc that might not have all the features on their smartphone sites. 

Hope this helps.  If it isn't clear, I'll put together a pictorial step by step.  
Brent Cameron

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