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Try looking again on the "Files" page of the Yahoo website. There are two PDF files there - one called "Washer Dryer Diagrams" and one called "Washer Dryer Manual". If you download the "...Manual" file, you should get several pages of text.

Ruth Martin
"Moon Dog" SM #248

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> Folks
> In case it is useful to anyone, enclosed is a manual and diagrams
> English. While it is not clear exactly what Thomson model is
described, I
> received it in response for my request for an English language
manual for a
> Thomson Australe 3 washer/dryer as equipped on our 1998/99 SM
> I've also inquired of the Eumenia company for an English manual on
> dishwasher with no luck so far. If anyone has one, could they pass
it on
> somehow ?
> Thanks alot!
> Ruth Martin
> "Moon Dog" SM248
> I may have misunderstood. Thought I would get the manual, but when
I downloaded all I got was one page of diagrams. Is it possible to
download the manual?

Jim Wiggin, ANTARES SM #378
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