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I do not have a clause for a bilge pump requirement. My TopSail underwriter is 100% Great Lakes Insurance SE. It look like they subbed your policy to MRRSI.


This is an issue that has been bought up previously in this group. If I am to face the same clause, I would just install a secondary pump higher than the original (perhaps in the dry area just forward of the Amel drive) and splice the output hose with a Y valve past the primary pump. This way the original pump is still the primary and the secondary is there to match the insurance needs but would never be cycled. This could be done for about €150.



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I just received a competitive quote from Topsail but it contains a condition that I need to have a bilge pump capable of 100l/minute.   The standard electrical pump on the A55 does 30l/minute only and it’s the same pump as is installed on most recent prior models.   Mark, did you have to install a bigger pump to get Topsail cover?  Cover is through  Great Lakes Insurance SE via Munich Re Risk Solutions Ireland (MRRSI).   

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