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Aktan Temiz

thank you all for your valuable feedbacks┬á­čĹő

Arno Luijten <arno.luijten@...>, 30 Nis 2021 Cum, 22:51 tarihinde ┼čunu yazd─▒:

I never heard of this so I got curious. I've read the website and to me this sounds as a solution looking for a problem.

You are adding another level of complexity by introducing the 48 volt subsystem. Taking up to 8 kW from the main engine still does not make it a serious load on the engine of you are not moving and that is bad for diesels.
More batteries. So next to your 24V batteries you now need to worry about a 48V battery set as well. Sizing down your main 24V bank may not be so clever given loads like the bow thruster or you have to migrate everything to Lithium.

I still don't get the advantage even if you would install the full monty. Save a generator? That thing is more quiet and more fuel efficient at the loads this system put on the main engine. Charging your batteries when running on the engine works perfectly in the current setup with a 110A or 170A alternator @ 24 volt.

Maybe if you would build a new boat it would make some sense but I think you can come up with a far more efficient system, using solar and hydro generators.


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