Fuel tank surpruse

Thomas Kleman

I hate doing this to everybody (if you are like us, we read some other SM owner's post about an issue and immediately believe we have it too). Influenced by a few recent posts, I got interested in my fuel tank here on the hard in Tahiti. We don't go to fuel docks, and we have filtered every drop entering our boat for the 11 years we've owned it. I was motivated by the knowledge that an access port gasket had disintegrated and was in the tank. We emptied the tank (500 liters) and found a horror show of slime (and the gasket remains). It took 12 hours to make it spotless, but I'm left wondering how close I was to an inopportune engine failure. Anyway, food for thought if you haven't seen your tank bottom in a while.

Tom and Kirstin
SM2K 422
Papeete, Tahiti

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