Re: Rubber mount of C-drive with keel


If the aft part of the C-Drive can be moved to either side by 10mm, or more, the C-Drive Foot Rubber Bushing absolutely needs to be replaced. The recommendation is a side-to-side movement of 5mm or less. The rubber bushing replacement part is a piece of heavy-duty 1” or 25mm hose. 

I am betting there are more than a few C-Drives that need this. Step-by-step procedure in my book.
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On Sat, May 1, 2021 at 2:15 AM Ian Park <parkianj@...> wrote:
You're a star. Just what I needed to know. And compared with the state of mine it explains the vibration I've been experiencing on the C Drive Vetus mounts despite having carefully realigned the engine.

Thanks again.


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