Re: Mast Climbing Safety

JB Duler


I am so sorry to hear your story and so happy that you have recovered.
I really appreciate you sharing your story. Very humbling.

Of course, like most of us, I pushed things to the limits many, many times. I did not clip the harness to avoid being tangled in the sheets while changing head sails, or I did not tie a second halyard as I was climbing the mast. I did not tie myself while I was relieving myself over the lifelines in heavy seas. The list goes on, with a lot of "near misses", and quick recoveries because I was fit and young...Not the case anymore.

Your story is reminder for all us to be careful. Especially now that we sail with limited crew or a spouse.

Thank you so much,
John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med

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