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I am glad my suggestion might help; I used an air horn.

It puts out a lot more pressure.

The filter that Amel puts at the outlet inside of the fuel tank is an odd place to put a filter.

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Yes- removed both inspection ports, made gaskets out of Nitrile (1/8 inch) and cleaned the outlet. When refilling the tank, I only took on 90 pct of my diesel and left the dregs in their temp storage tank. Then bled the system at the racors so it will hopefully start OK. The bottom of the tank had to be scraped out with a metal scraper- it was coated with a filmy resin. 

Note to Eric- after reading your post about stalling out 10 mi from your house and using compressed air through the fuel line, I keep our electric dinghy inflation pump handy on passages with the correct tip for the fuel line.

Tom and Kirstin

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