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I assume that you have the automatic rinse solenoid valve and also the manual ball valve to rinse the membranes. I am trying to remember but is it possible that the valve might be before the auto rinse valve. If so the auto rinse solenoid may be stuck. If I am correct, possibly bypassing the auto rinse valve will work for you.

Another thing that may help you is if you run the watermaker every 3-4 days, even for 30 minutes, you can skip the rinsing until you get it repaired.

I am sure that there are some great watermaker mechanics in Ft Lauderdale, but I do not know them.

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On Sat, May 1, 2021 at 6:38 PM Wolfgang Weber <weberamel54@...> wrote:
Hello to the group,
after 1 year away from ELISE - Amel 54 - I managed US - Immigration.
Now trying to  manual flush the Dessalator Watermaker - no flow.
Martin from Dessalator/spain mentoined that the problem is the 3-way valve.
Any help or comments ?
Wolfgang SY ELISE Amel 54#162 , Fort Lauderdale /Playboy Marina

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