Re: Water Intrusion and watertight bulkheads

Clive Chapman

I’ve not been in the Royal Navy, but I have been lucky enough to spend substantial times at sea with them on a variety of different RN and RFA vessels. They have a very well developed system of ‘damage control’ - born out of much first hand experience of life threatening situations. Once past immediate threat to individual’s lives, their focus is very much on stabilising any situation to prevent it deteriorating. Applying this to your situation, my ‘first aid’ would be all about reducing the inflow of water by any means possible - in-extremist one crew holding ‘something’ against the breach to reduce the flow and allow enough time for the other crew to get pumps working.

The other thing we can all learn from the RN is ‘practice’! Lots, and lots of practice! How many of us have actually, really, taken the time to practically exercise how we’d handle a fire, hull breach, a bit of standing rigging letting go, etc, etc? Turn it in to a game…select six ‘disasters’…roll a dice…and…GO!

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