Re: Water Intrusion and watertight bulkheads

Davi Rozgonyi

I've had this conversation with a few Sailors this year. Not 100 percent related, but. We're currently sailing Greece, so within 50 miles of land always (often less than 5). For this, we have the electric and manual bilge pumps of course, but also a 220v crash/trash pump with thick hose. I understand that batteries don't like being wet but for us, these are under the pilot berth 2 feet off the cabin sole, which would take a whole lot of water to drown.... Although now I'm wondering if it would be good to waterproof the battery compartment (keeping the vent open of course).

For serious passage making, days offshore sort of thing, our plan is to buy a 300 buck petrol trash pump. They go at 200-300 liters per minute, and are entirely self contained. After the passage, I sell it to some guy coming back. It seems like cheap insurance to me. 

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