Re: Furuno GP 150 - no Lat/Lon to VHF

Dean Gillies

Hi Wolfgang,
The digital yacht product you mention will do the job, but it does other functions too, which you may or may not want. It is rather expensive if you simply want a GPS device to produce NMEA1083 data and nothing more.

If you type "GPS Antenna 0183" unto the US Ebay site you will find them starting at $30-40 each. They look like the picture below.
There are lots available from China. I struggle with finding local (US) sources on the US EBAY website, maybe because I'm in Australia. 
These are old technology devices, and should be very cheap to buy. Buy two. I paid $75AUD for two in 2019.
You only need to provide 12V power to it and connect the data output wire to your radios etc in place of the original broken output data wire from your GP150.
Good luck
SV Stella


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