Re: Isolation of hull inside Amel54 or AmelSM - and hatches etc.


Perhaps you can have a look to aerogel :

For condensation I put on board a dehumidifier (5-10 liter/day !!) :

Jean Luc

SM 316 CottonBay

Le 04/05/2021 à 11:15, Alexander Hofmann a écrit :
Dear all,
I am planning to sail higher lattitudes in summer times in the coming years in Europe (Norway / Baltic) and globally later on (NZ South / Patagonia / Alaska / New Foundland etc.) where water temperatures even in summer can be really low, producing a really chilly atmosphere inside - and condensation. This is relevant especially for the aft cabin, which has the most direct contact to sea and air outside, and is not really protected through lockers etc. - Might be very helpful in mid and front ship also. 
The only strategy making sense to me is isolationg with a kind of high performance material on the inside of the hull in lockers below, sidewards in lockers and wardrobes also on the hull, under the inside cover. 
Does anybody has made that already or has any relevant experience with it? Which isolation materials ca be recommended? 
Any experience with measures to avoid condensation on hatches (doubling, protection)? 
I am very thankful for any comment and hint!
SY Oceanica I, Amel54#156

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