Re: Furler motor to gearbox sm2000

Mike Ondra

We had both the outhaul and furling motor for the main shear several years ago.

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Hi Mike,

What furling motor is this? Main or Genoa?

Fair Winds




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Picking up on a thread from last year re shearing of the motor shafts on the furling motors between the motor and gear box.  Happened to SV Delos as shown in Episode 317 around the 10 min. mark. Others have experienced this, all at the same place (Nebo sm251, Aletes SM 240 twice, and I believe Delos is in the 250’s or 260’s). Curious if others have experienced this and if anyone has an explanation. This is a fairly stout shaft and it would seem the motor should stall before shearing if the shaft was healthy (no fatigued). There is no shaft exposure to weather.


Mike Ondra

Aleses SM#240

Chesapeake Bay, USA

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