Re: Isolation of hull inside Amel54 or AmelSM - and hatches etc.

Ian Park

We've cruised the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Baltic and Scotland in our Santorin. We live in North Wales where we keep the boat at present.
The Eberspacher keeps the boat warm enough and the aft cabin is no colder than anywhere else. Amels are particularly well insulated on the deck and keep the heat in well. Condensation is an issue from hatches and anywhere on the sides of the hull. We have insulated our wardrobes to stop clothes getting damp and mouldy.
A dehumidifier is the best friend in keeping the boat dry.
We find the aft cabin pretty cosy. But in cold climates get an electric blanket for all the bunks. They use very few amps and are a real boon.

'Ocean Hobo' SN 96

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