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WASABI - Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Amelias and Eric


I tried to remove the Vetus coupling from the shaft and I was not able to remove it even not with a strong puller and heat.

Maybe someone out there has another great Idea?


@Eric, is saw in an old treat from 2019 you did it by pushing with screws/bolts from the back but I cannot undo the existing screw’s. I suppose you saw it away and used new 10mm bolts for the tool.


I’ll make some photos when I’m done and send it to the forum.


Thanks for advice and best regards


Ruedi Waldispuehl


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Here is the photo. Once you have it apart have a machine shop open up the hole a few thousands of an inch.

Fair Winds


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today I tried to align the engine and the c-drive. unfortunately I was not able to remove the vetus coupling from the shaft, tried it also with a puller but without success.  Are there any tricks, special tools,... how this can be done? I remember Eric uploaded a foto showing the tool he made for that, but could not find it. any help welcome

herbert, SN120, kali mera, Mazatlan

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