Re: vetus coupling removal

Ian Park


Well done! Mine took me a few hours too. I used a chisel and hammer after soaking in Corrosion X (on the advice of Craig). Heating with a blow torch was the secret.
I used the tool, but the connection from my gearbox is a spider (four arms) rather than a circular plate, so using feeler gauges was a little more tricky than when the gearbox is fitted with a circular plate. I got a short piece of 35mm tubing which fits inside the Amel tool and slides along as an extension to the drive shaft. You can then slide this tube up to the centre of the Gearbox to get the direct line of the 35mm shaft.

After this my engine still vibrated at the C Drive end. I’ve just replaced the rubber tube on the C Drive foot bolt which was quite worn. Easy Job. Will know on re- launch next week what difference that has made.

Best Wishes


'Ocean Hobo’ SN 96

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