LiFePO4 Batteries, what they can do for you.

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Hello All,

I have uploaded a video, and think it has a lot of useful information.  Just got back to Aquarius, had to do the 10 day quarantine to get back into Thailand, but the Thai Government jjust raised quarantine time back to 14 days for those arriving now.  Made it just in time....  As I type this message, it's 3:50AM here in Thailand, and I am almost 15 hours into my battery capacity test after a year with Lithium Valley LiFePO4 batteries.  I bought 600AH at 24V of Lithium Valley LiFePO4 Batteries.  I charged the batteries fully with my Victron 3000/70 Inverter/Charger to 28.4V, then unplugged the shore power connection at 1PM yesterday afternoon.  As I am on the hard, I went down stairs and unplugged Aquarius from the power connection.  The AC power is now supplied by the Victron 3000/70 Inverter/Charger.  I turned on my portable AC unit that draws about 35Amps, and now almost 15 hours later I am still running the AC.  I have pulled over 490AH out of the batteries and currently sitting at 25.98V while pulling 33.4A.  In 3 hours my test will be complete, after I have pulled over 500AH from the batteries.  My alarm is set, we will see just how well these batteries perform after a year on Aquarius.

Here is more information about the set up, and how I maintain my batteries.  Hope it helps answer some questions about LiFePO4 batteries.

Ken Powers
Sailing Aquarius
Currently in Thailand (on the hard)
Getter her ready to cross the Indian Ocean

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