Re: vetus coupling removal

Herbert Lackner

Danny,  the Setup on the SN is a different than the SM. No disk brake, but the big pulley for the shaft alternator. I had to realign the engine to get rid of the vibrations and found no other way than to remove the coupling and align it with the special tool. Also the connection to the gearbox is a little bit different. How did you do the alignment without the special tool and the coupling connected? I think it is not possible to do that on the SN without removing the coupling.  After 1 hour tapping it started to move for about 1 mm, then it was a mm by mm job. This was one of the very rare moments I would have been selling KALI MERA to anyone who walked by...

Ian, I did the realignment in 2019, after getting the coupling off it was an easy job, but if I had made the special tool a little bit longer it would have been better, because the setup on the SN is different from the SM. The connection to the gearbox an KALI MERA is the same as on OCEAN HOBO.  After cleaning the shaft and the coupling it slides on and off easy.  After realigning the vibrations are almost gone, but in some conditions (big waves from the side) it is still not perfect.  Please let me know if the change of the rubber tube helped on your boat. Have you been able to move the c-drive with your hands - is there any movement if you pull?  I tried it on KALI MERA and there is no movement at all, but I am not sure if I should open the seal next time when she is on the hard and check that. Greetings to Linda, I hope you are all fine

fair winds, herbert

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