Re: Spinnaker pole strut mast fitting ball joint replacement? #replacement

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Folks,

This message concerns me. It comes after Delos reported on a near disaster while sailing downwind in gale force winds. As in this case they had the headsail poled out. Both vessels had bad outcomes with gear breakage. The Amel handbook recommends limiting these systems to 20 knots true wind. Down wind in big seas vessels, even Amels can yaw and swing, particularly if there is a big sea running. 

In both these cases when the wind wrong sided the sail serious damage occurred. In conjunction with this damage severe sideways forces would have been applied to the mast. Neither damaged the mast but in my opinion the strong possibility was there.

Of such errors are disasters made.

However these were both wind events. Consider the loading had the boat rolled at the same time as a big sea came up along side and the pole had dipped in the water. Delos was doing over 15 knots at times. We need to be aware of the risks of long poles fixed out at right angles to the boat and take them in in strong winds.

Just my opinion



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On 07 May 2021 at 21:18 Kevin Schmit <kevschmit64@...> wrote:

Hey Amelians,

We had an accidental gybe while sailing downwind at night in 30 knot winds and as you can imagine the outcome wasn’t pretty... I’ve emailed Amel a couple days ago but haven’t gotten a reply yet.  Has anyone sourced replacement ball joint that mates the mast to spinnaker pole strut?  Pictures below

Kevin & Kristen Schmit
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