Re: LiFePO4 Batteries, what they can do for you.

Eric Meury

suggestions on where to add lithium on a santorin

On Fri, May 7, 2021, 3:49 PM Nick Fowle SM 404 Rascal via <> wrote:

Like many algorithmic solutions pertaining to sailing the answer is very specific to ones own situation and needs. Worth mentioning that I sail solo so my consumption is specific to me and may not equate to your own situation. Unfortunately   I do not have a washing machine , so that forms no part in my assumptions or variables.  But with 800ah of lithium here in the West Indies  I am pretty sure I would only run the genset to balance the batteries. 

I can’t increase battery bank capacity without a huge investment which makes no sense , but if I was doing it again, I think this would make sense as per Ken’s observations. However I am pretty certain  that based off where I am currently sailing, and the current seasonal weather , if I added another 400-500 wts of efficient solar , the genset would be close to redundant or a back up only for consistently bad weather or MPPT failures etc 

When I leave Grenada in July and start making my way west, and my partner joins me ( hairdryers etc 🙄) the situation will no doubt change.

SV Rascal
SM 404

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On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 9:26 AM, Justin Maguire <justin_maguire@...> wrote:
Thank you nick - my goal with 1200watts of solar and 800ah of lithium was to run the gene set once a week... 

This would let me make water and do the wash, as well as give the gen set enough run time not to have its own issues from too little use! 

On May 7, 2021, at 05:36, Nick Fowle SM 404 Rascal via <> wrote:

 Rascal is all electric galley wise. I have a ceramic hob(not induction) with electric oven and an separate convection oven. All 230v . Battery bank is 600AmpH of Lithium (battleborn, and I have a Quattro 3KW inverter / charger ) I cook mostly on hob, or use my Instant pot. The only time I run the genset specifically for galley is if the batteries are around 35% because the weather hasn’t been kind to my solar / wind setup. Otherwise if the batteries are around the 50% mark I may occasionally run the genset if I’m baking something for longer than 30mins and even then I’ll try and coincide this with running water maker or hot water and very rarely aircon etc 


the lithium set up is for me an excellent solution especially on anchor here in West Indies, but you do need a strong, consistent  and reliable way to charge them. I use a combination of solar (1.3KW now and looking to add another 500-600wts and a Silent wind) I try and only use genset when it’s been very overcast / rainy for a few days and batteries are low, tends to be in the evenings for obvious reasons. 

If I do motor between anchorages then it’s possible that i don’t run the genset for weeks as long as the weather has been kind. On average  I probably run the genset once a week for around 60mins. Once A month I have to balance the batteries, so will run the genset to fully charge the battery bank, which according to BB balances the bank efficiently, but I tend to try and do that if I’m in a Marina or having to motor for whatever reason. 

I would like a hydro generator for longer passages, especially the Wattamdsea Pod 600… but I don’t think the cost / efficiency/ hassle to to fit algorithm  makes sense right now. 

I think I would question the validity of the investment for Lithium if one spends a great deal of time on shore power. 

SV Rascal
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On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 2:20 AM, Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...> wrote:
Hello Justin,

No I don't use an electric stove.  1) I like to use gas, 2) I probably will buy a portable induction stove top in the future for redundancy.  

If the electric goes down for some reason, I want to be able to make hot a cup of hot tea if I want it.

Ken Powers,
Aquarius SM2K#262

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