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On 09 May 2021 at 14:10 Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...> wrote:

To all,

First thing, everyone that had the ball breaking problem with their pole systems, had their poles where they didn't belong (no pun intended).  My previous owner also blew out a ball on the Pacific Crossing in 2001 (that was when the boat was only 2 years old).  This tells me it's not just a problem your balls not having the proper sun protection.  What it really sez to me,  your balls are the systems weak link. 

As someone else kind-of mentioned.  Henri Amel was a pretty good sailor, and had some pretty good engineers designing his yachts.  Just like the mouse you use to lock your ballooner to the top of the forestay, if you make the weak link out of a stronger material you may just change the breakage POINT, but still have a failure.  The question is... Where is that next failure point?  Could it be your entire rig (that would be a failure of your biggest pole, and an impatient boat entering port may deflate your ego for a very.. very.... long.... time)?  Really, I don't think anyone knows where the next failure point would be, if not for the balls.

Be very careful when changing the material of the systems weak link.  Don't change your mouse to aluminum, because if you make a mistake (AGAIN), it ain't goin' to be pretty!  I don't know where the next week-link in the pole system would be, but, me,  I don't want to find out.  

Just something to think about,

Ken Powers
Sailing Aquarius

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