Re: LiFePO4 Batteries, what they can do for you.

Dan Carlson

Jose, we purchased a Tefal IH2108 in Martinique. We can set it on the dishwasher, counter or on top of a curting board in the stove top. Nothing special about it. We just wanted something to try.
It has 7 power levels that go up to 2100 watts. 

For rice in the pressure cooker we start at power level 4 for about four minute to bring it up to pressure and then reduce to level 2 for two to three more minutes, then off. Set the pressure cooker to the side for about 15 minutes while you stir fry some meat and veggies and when that's done you have dinner. All uses about 10-20 AH of 24v energy. 

Regards Daniel Carlson on sv BeBe SM#387

On Sun, May 9, 2021, 10:24 AM Jose Venegas via <> wrote:
Hi Daniel
Did you mount it on top of the gas stove or did you replace it like delos did?  What brand and model?
José Gabriel Venegas
Ipanema SM2k 278

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