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Scott SV Tengah

I have the Highfield CL310 Hypalon and the Simpson davits. After breaking a few of the lifting lines, here's what we do:

- Replaced the stainless lines with dyneema. Didn't pay Simpson the 4000 GBP or whatever silly amount they wanted to replace the internals to "accommodate dyneema". Simply replaced the stainless with dyneema and splice an eye into the dinghy end. Has worked fine for nearly 2 years and 15+ thousand miles.

- After I lift the dinghy, I simply put a dyneema soft shackle into the dinghy painter eye. I then put the securing ratchet strap through this eye, with one end connected to the stainless eye at the end of the davit and the other end is hooked to a line that I put right at the "armpit" of the davit. Crank it tight. The ratchet strap cannot slip off the bow unless the soft shackle breaks, which is very unlikely as I use a 6mm shackle. If you're really scared of chafe, put a dyneema chafe sleeve on the soft shackle, but the eye will probably rip off before the soft shackle breaks.

- For the stern end, put a short but stout (I use 8mm self made) soft shackle on the eye underneath the davit, near where the lifting lines exit. I use a bigger one on the stern because I usually keep my 44kg motor on. I then put a ratchet strap from one dinghy lifting eye through the soft shackle to the other lifting eye. Crank tight.

THEN, I release the davit lifting lines just a bit so there is almost no tension on them but if the ratchet strap / dyneema soft shackle system breaks, they can still act as a backup.

Hope this helps. 

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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