Re: Tender Amel 54 #dinghy

Scott SV Tengah

We have the CL310 hypalon. It's a choice between two lesser evils. 

The 310 fits on the aft deck just perfectly for passages. I have it sit bow aft and the transom near the mizzen mast. Because we do not want the cockpit seats to be impacted, I make sure the tubes do not extend into the cockpit. The dinghy bow barely clears the mizen traveller.

Those who have made the CL340 fit must either put the dinghy at an angle or allow the tubes to extend into the cockpit?

That said, the CL310 does not fit on the davits perfectly. I had to fashion a lifting eye on the locker lid. A slightly longer dinghy would have been great for that purpose. 

I'm reasonably happy with the dinghy after nearly 3 years of use in the Med, Caribbean and Pacific. In the Med, you are probably ok with PVC but in the tropics, our PVC backup dinghy sees the sun 75% less than the CL310 is still suffering badly.

The OC tender seemed like a good option but we opted out for two reasons: (1) I have been told by owners that the ride can be jarring (2) The carrying capacity of the CL310 is around 50% more than the OC330. We dive a lot, have friends join now and then and have done some serious provisioning trips while at anchor in places where we can't tie up the big boat, so carrying capacity is important for us.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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