Re: Spinnaker pole strut mast fitting ball joint replacement? #replacement



It is hard to believe that an internet site anywhere fails to register the dns "" as well as the ""

The funny thing is yes I made a typo in the Amel Book, but if you were using the Online Amel Book and clicked on it the underlying link took you to their website.
I have corrected the "Space" to "Spar." A big thank you to you and Jean Boucharlat. Here is a snippet.


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Sparecraft doesnt show the ball and socket style in their catalog, however they show a cylindrical style with a socket-  it seems to me that if one were to buy these- replacing both the joining ends of the two poles you would end up with a desired result.  

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It in fact


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Hello Bill
You might want to check the web site address (typo error ?) ,”” doesn’t exist but “” is still in activity but no sign of the poll ends there....
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