Help! Which gearbox fits best on my Amel Maramu with Beta 60 engine and original propeller.

Dirk Hazenoot Maramu Huli 171

Dear Amel friends, On our Amel Maramu hull 171 construction year 1985 the engine needs to be replaced. Our choice is a Beta 60. I've been configuring the motor for a week now. But unfortunately I can't figure it out myself. One says this and the other says that, in short, I have completely lost the thread. Which gearbox should I choose and with what ratio? My advisor in Holland says that I should go for a ZF25 hydraulic or a PRM 280 Hydraulic and my mechanic in France says that I should go for a mechanical ZF25 so that I can then tighten the prop. I am curious which gearbox and with what ratio you think best suits my Amel Maramu with a Beta 60 engine.

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