Crash Bar In Front of Galley Stove


Hello everyone. My name is Gary Silver. My wife
and I purchased an Amel Super Maramu 2000 through
Joel Potter in May of 2000 and took delivery July 2,
2001. We are extremely pleased with the boat, the
factory, the Amel team, and Joel. Just after delivery in
LaRochelle my family and I sailed across the Bay of Biscay,
down the coast of Spain and Portugal and on to the
Canary Islands. During those passages we had at least
one episode where a crew member was thrown into the
stove (unlit fortunately). All other boats I have
sailed on in the past have had a bar of some sort (aka
Crash Bar) in front of the stove. Does anyone have any
ideas why Amel chose not to do so? Has anyone had
experience with fitting one? Other than this item we
couldn't be happier with our new Maramu. We are looking
forward to meeting many other Amel owners. Sincerely,
Gary & Mary Silver Liahona Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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