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Thanks, John,
Hope the Shipmate and GPS parts are what you needed. I'll get the antenna to the GPS to you in a week or two.

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Kent, The 25 watt is OK for the mizzen, but you should use the hard to find aircraft GE bulb no.4593 for the main mast. Its 28 volts and 50 watts.
Any GE dealer should be able to order it for you. I got some from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. in Georgia phone 877-4777823 John "Moon Dog" SM 248

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Hi, again, all.
Simple ? this time. I'm changing the bulb in the mast worklite (that shines on the forward deck) but the old one had no identifying marks. I found a replacement that was already on board in a box that had been opened and had only a handwritten "24v 25w". That doesn't seem very bright for a worklight that far above the deck. I know it's 24v, but can anyone tell me what wattage it is? Is the cockpit flood mounted on the mizzen mast the same?
SM 243 "Kristy"

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