Re: maramu and santorin owners - what size dinghy do you have an where do you store

Dennis Johns

Hi Eric,

I just replaced my 16 year old Mercury 270 Air Deck Hypalon with a Zodiac Cadet Aero Series Inflatable Boat | Cadet 270 Aero 2020.  I think the Mercury lasted so long because I rolled it up and stowed it in a bow locker when not using it daily.  It is only a four man dinghy (three adults and a smaller person) but it does fit nicely in one of the bow deck lockers and only takes up space on the bow when in an anchorage.  The inflatable floor worked well for about ten years, then developed a leak that could not be repaired.  In Croatia I had a plywood floor fabricated that replaced it nicely.  I went with the Zodiac this time because I don't plan to be in the tropics anymore, so the extra cost of hypalon does not seem worth it.  If the inflatable floor goes away again, I think the floor I had made for the Mercury will replace it.

Dennis Johns
Maramu 121

On Wed, May 12, 2021 at 5:09 AM Eric Meury <ericmeury@...> wrote:
Dinghy choices....and storage.  the boat came with a fiberglass carib and found it a bit heavy -  tried a portaboat - crap ...the folding transom fell part.   so back to lookint at ribs.  what size rib do you own and other than davits are where are you storing it and what comprimises are you making in your dinghy/storage selection.

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