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You guys make it to fiji ?

With your family of 4, i would be concerned with the oc330 tubes protruding into the cockpit and making the forward facing seats very uncomfortable for passage making. My Highfield cl310 tubes almost protrude, fyi

More importantly, weight capacity is listed at 822lbs. Four people plus 40lb x 4 al80 dive tanks + dive gear + out board will almost certainly put you near or likely over the weight capacity of the oc330.

On Wed, May 12, 2021 at 13:17 Porter McRoberts via <> wrote:
Ladies and Gents:

Re the OCT on an Amel 54:

I believe several (Teun, Paul, others) have an OCT. 
We’re strongly considering one. I see one for sale at 3.2m. Will it fit on the aft poop deck?  What’s the largest we can go and still not interfere with the mizzen traveler? 

And if you have a moment, can anyone comment on the OCT stability with say 3-4 dive bottles, kit and crew?

Quite appreciated!

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The Highfield seat cover and pocket is a nice design. Unfortunately the fabric is poor quality for the purpose. I have had two seat covers now and both disintegrated after a year; not UV proof!

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