Re: maramu and santorin owners - what size dinghy do you have an where do you store

Alejandro Paquin

Good morning,
We have a 9 foot Caribe dinghy with fiberglass single bottom. Stored on top of the aft cabin while underway and towed in calm waters. While at the marina it sits also on top of the aft cabin, but some other Maramu owners I´ve seen use a spinnaker halyard to raise the dinghy from the bow and keep it forward of the main mast (semi hanging), resting on its stern. We have a 15 hp Yamaha 2 stroke engine with this dinghy, place on the rail while sailing. I once used a 12 foot dinghy one time, and that went on the deck forward of the main mast. It is an awkward location not very good for visibility. No davits on our boat.
Alex Paquin
Amel Maramu
Hull #94, 1981

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