Re: Furler motor to gearbox sm2000

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hey Alan, 

Good for you!

Other than a long beard, the batteries are ok, the water tank should have water. 

We are doing a maintenance cycle and will be on G17 tomorrow AM. 


On 14/05/2021, at 10:21 AM, Alan Leslie <s.v.elyse@...> wrote:

With all due respect, Amel didn't "design" the gear train, they only specified it.
Both the Leroy Somer and Bongifoli(?) units are standard production industrial motor gearbox units used in factories for example as conveyor drivers.
They are nothing special.
And there are plenty of alternatives out there.

Elyse SM437
On my way to New Zealand today to be reunited with my beautiful boat after more than a year !

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