Re: Furler motor to gearbox sm2000

michael winand

Hi Woody,
These are the numbers of the motor  and gearbox.  You will have to have new cedal holders made to mount the gearbox to the mast,  also the shaft that engaged the mast furling is a different diameter,  you can machine the gearbox to suit the shaft on the outhaul and the mast (easy enough to do), I had a new post that fits the mast furling made instead of changing the gearbox, 
The ratios is a little slower not really an issue, 
MVF44P R70 F63 B14

330W 24V  F63B14 LN56
Motor and gearbox cost 900 aus dollars,  not sure what the cost of the machine shop is,  probably another 600. But that’s because they have the design drawings for the cnc machine to make them. New LS from Amel was 3000 aus 

Hopefully you can have your motor repaired. 


On Sat, 15 May 2021 at 6:44 am, Alan "Woody" Wood
<woody@...> wrote:
Hi Michael

Having spend €500 getting the casing for our Leroy Somer rebuilt I'm now trying to source new brushes in the Caribbean.. which isn't easy for an obsolete motor :/
I now wish I'd just replaced it when it seised in the first place.

Can I ask what model number of the Bongifoli you replaced the LS with?.. do you have a link to it?


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