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The Lupolite were a little bit to small to fit in the existing lamp. So we manufactured a plastic plate that fitted inside the lamp and then we made a hole in the middel and mounted the Lupolite.


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Hi Kent and Annsofie,

I am in the process of replacing my forward decklight in total as the fitting was broken in a storm in the Aegean this summer. I would appreciate details of the LED replacement Annsofie.

For your information Kent, the original sealed beam lamp was manufactured by GE as an aircraft light 28 V and 50 Watts Pt No GE 4015 and stamped MADE IN USA, A 36.. on the back of the glass. The cost from my local supplier was £46 delivered to UK and seemed expensive.


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Why don't you mount LED instead? It will save you a lot of power.

We have changed all our navigational (Hella) and deck lights (lupolight) into LED and are very satisfied. The LED deck-light gives a much better light than the ordinary.

The power consumtion of the LED is about 20% of the consumtion of the ordinary light bulbs.


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Subject: [Amel] Mast Worklite

Hi, again, all.
Simple ? this time. I'm changing the bulb in the mast worklite (that shines on the forward deck) but the old one had no identifying marks. I found a replacement that was already on board in a box that had been opened and had only a handwritten "24v 25w". That doesn't seem very bright for a worklight that far above the deck. I know it's 24v, but can anyone tell me what wattage it is? Is the cockpit flood mounted on the mizzen mast the same?
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