Rudder moving when anchored - Hy-Drive steering

Michael Brusch

Hi guys, I have an Amel Maramu, which has been retrofitted with a hydraulic steering system (Hy-drive) (The original cable steering system was disconnected and left in place). When anchored and when current or waves are present, the rudder seems to move on its own all the way to port, thus knocking the hull right under my bed. Sometimes at night I would go out and bring the steering wheel al the way over to starboard, which gives me a few hours until the rudder is back all the way to port.

My question: Is there a way to keep the rudder from moving independently? I tried fixing the wheel in place, but this does not seem to do anything. I am so frustrated that I am considering going back to cable steering. I have also been thinking of installing a Hydrovane system in which case I want to make sure that the rudder stays centered when sailing.

Thank you for your input :)

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