SM 2K hull, boot stripe, and rub rail colors


Hi Amelians,
Our boat yard lost the colors we picked out last Fall.  Our rail and bootstripe have been primed, so nothing to compare to. I want to use awkgrip on the hull and bootstripe, and Awlcraft on the rail.
I've searched the site and found that some have used Awlgrip Eggshell on the hull. Is that a close match to the original? 
We don't want to use the Desert Sand on the bootstripe.  
It looks like either International Orange or Vermilion would be pretty close. Any other thoughts on that?

I see Steve used a Trojan battery to custom mix a rub rail
color.  Has anyone used a stock color that is very close to the otiginal? We have the new offwhite gutter cap if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any insight.
Kent & Iris
Sailing from Chesapeake to Maine for the Summer.

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