Re: Depth sensor reading bad values after power cycling



I assume that you have a sonic speed transducer, rather than a paddle wheel. I have experienced an erratic reading caused when the frequency of something nearby was at the same frequency as the speed transducer receiver. The first time this happened was during a very heavy rainstorm in poorly charted Tonga. I believe that the frequency of the large raindrops pounding the water matched and/or interfered with the frequency of the receiver and the analog instrument dived to it was a panic. In 11 years, this only happened twice, both times with a very heavy rainstorm.

Possibly something nearby or a huge rainstorm caused your issue. 

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On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 6:39 AM Billy Newport <billy@...> wrote:
It started working again today. Debris on the transducer?

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