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Our outhaul car on the mizzen recently failed. The shackle cracked and broke that secures the outhaul line and sail to the car. When I inspected the shackle on the main outhaul, I found it cracked. You may want to check yours.

It appears that the Mizzen outhaul car has to be removed to replace the shackle because the top of the car must be removed to allow the shackle-retaining pin to be removed. The car halves are secured with 4 bolts and nuts. I assume that as soon as I separate the halves that I will have bearings falling everywhere. I now wish that I had a small pieces of track to enable removal of the various cars. Also, I noticed on Anatal's website that the 4100/SH (the NEW replacement for mine) allows the removal of the shackle without separating the car halves. If you have experienced this failure, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I uploaded a photo in the "Rigging" folder of "Photos" on this website. You may be able to link directly to it using this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/amelyachtowners/photos/album/1650688738/pic/1901257222/view?picmode=&mode=tn&order=ordinal&start=1&count=20&dir=asc


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