Re: Eno 4 burner Stove grate and standoffs

Giovanni TESTA

Hi Alan,
many thanks for your prompt and very kind support.
Well. we always remember your fantastic country, overall our arrival at Opua after Ocean passage from French Polynesia.
in this video you find Suwarow, our under water meeting with a whale and Opua arrival.
(11) PACIFICO PER DUE, TERZA PARTE_2013 Dalla Nuova Zelanda all' AUSTRALIA - YouTube
here, our car tour of one of the best, for us, part of the world : South Island. And passage to Fiji, New Caledonie and AUS.
Enjoy, and Buon Vento !
sv EUTIKIASM  n 428
on the hard at Preveza GR

Il 18/05/2021 23:16, Alan Leslie ha scritto:
Hi Giovanni,
As in the drawing, the square section is 20x20x20mm
The U shaped slot is 8mm across, 12mm down
The tube is 8mm long
I tried to take a photo but it didn't work well.
Trust this is ok.
Elyse SM,437
On board in Opua Marina!

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