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Thanks for the info, but I guess it left the boat with Rich...he probably didn't know what it was and just packed it! The fact that Amel placed such an item on board, is just simply amazing as compared to what any other boat builder would do. I do not remember this as part of your pitch. It is a small thing, but just proves the minute attention to detail and the "real world" approach Amel has to outfitting an ocean cruiser. Like a lot of things, it isn't a big deal until you need one.

I will keep my eyes open for another Amel...if we find one, I will go ask for a "cup of" mizzen the mean time I will get myself a 6mm shackle.

Anyone on this list in the Singapore area?

Thanks again Joel.


s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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Bill, the boat was delivered with just such a piece of track. Think hard.
I always suggest to Amel owners to not throw away things they don't
understand. About half of them throw this piece out so yours may have been
missing when you got the boat. I hope you can summon yours from wherever it
may be hiding.
Good luck.

All the best,
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