Re: solar panel

Paul Osterberg

I would not put the panels in serie, shadow will reduce production significantly more than if you have them in serie. I have 4 Victron MPPT controllers, one for each Maxium 3 panel, oneĀ  for 2x180 w 36 v parallell panels on the rail, and one for 2x150 w 36 v semiflexible panels on my Bimini also in parallell.
Typical out put from the one on the rail a normal sunny day is 2000-2300wh, for the semiflexible only 700wh as much more shadow on the bimini, but also semiflexible panels have not the same performance as ridgid panels. total around or exceed 7000 wh/day.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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