Re: Cook top dimensions

Mark McGovern


The photos of the blocks are on my phone so I'm answering for Denise.  We used some leftover 22mm (7/8") thick teak boards from making new passerelle steps to make the support blocks.  The gimble rods are quite a bit narrower for the OceanChef 3 than they were for the Eno so we had to double up boards on each side to make each blocks about 44mm (1.75") thick.  They are about 125mm wide by 80mm tall and they are epoxied together and through-bolted through the plywood on either side of the stove using four (4) 1/4-20 bolts.  The bolts on the forward and aft side are different lengths given that the aft side is just 10mm plywood but the forward side goes into the dry storage area so the bolts need to go through plywood, insulation (from hell), and plywood/fiberglass.  Note that the gimble rods are much lower on the OceanChef 3 so the mount will need to be much lower than it was for the Eno.  We also moved it about 20mm outboard.  The only real difficulty was drilling through the forward side plywood as the insulation just wrapped around the drill bit preventing the drill bit from completing the hole.  We ended up using a 1/4" wood screw to "grab" the insulation and pull it out of the hole so that we could clear a path for the drill bit to get through all the way.  In the end the mounts were quite strong and secure.  I could hold myself up on the blocks.  We used Minwax Polyshades Oil Based Stain and Polyurethane one-step in Natural Cherry color to finish them and it was a real close match to the Amel African Mahogany.  Certainly good enough for how much you see it.  Below are some pics.  Feel free to ask me any questions.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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