Re: Amel 54, For those who do not really like the entrance hatch locking system

Dean Gillies

Hi Arno,
I know what you mean!   Anyone who needs to enter my boat without me present is always amused by the plethora of instructions I give them about entering.  Contractors look at you askance .. "do you think I don't know how to enter a boat?" lol

Personally, the only thing I don't like about the Amel system is that the door can free-fall all the way.  It would have been great to have some kind of piston in the design which supported the weight of the door, and either lowered it in a controlled way, or required a little downward pressure to open. As if our boats are not complex enough, right!

I think most people looking at your mechanism for the first time would find it obvious to operate, and probably not let the door drop.

SV Stella A54-154



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